Dynamod Games - 3D Printable Dungeon Tiles - Digital

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Dynamod is a highly modular dungeon tile system with dynamically changing parts, making table top gaming more engaging than ever before.

Dynamod allows you to create any square grid layout you can imagine. You're only limited by the amount of individual parts you 3D print.

The Dynamod Magnetic Dungeon Tile System offers the following exciting and engaging features:

  • Perfect grids without any wall offsets, making it possible to recreate any existing map grid
  • Dynamically switchable walls, doors and terrain provide full fog of war mechanics to your board game
  • Walls and doors slide in from the top and can be changed by simply lifting them up and putting new ones in without clip detachment, this makes it very easy to change walls into secret doors
  • Walls sit in the middle of two tiles, sharing the space and offering full 1x1 inch playing space everywhere without oversized terrain
  • Walls sit in the middle of two tiles, sharing the space and offering full square inch playing space everywhere without oversized terrain.
  • The tiles are 32x32mm and the terrain 28x28mm.
  • All your existing scenery feels right at home from square inch-based games, like the HeroQuest reissue
  • Flexible tile assembly with three choices that work for any gameplay style:
    • The tiles are stable without clips for quick gameplay and have a slight snap and an alignment feature to prevent them from freely sliding around
    • The tiles can hold optional magnets directly without the need for clips
    • The tiles can use optional sturdy clips for more permanent arrangement without feeling loose or wiggly
  • Tiles are a structural base in which the terrain snaps in from above, this allows for tile reuse or even for switching terrain during gameplay, the floor can for instance become a pit trap
  • Filament painted terrain versions, offering detailed color that can be printed with any FDM printer
  • Pre-configured larger rooms with multiple tiles for even quicker setup
  • Assembly is fully mechanical and requires no glue
  • Fast print times and conservative material usage
  • Perfect integration into 3D printed StageTop board game table
  • Designed both for FDM and resin printing
  • Full set of remix tools to adapt existing STL models you already have
  • Detailed print instructions for PrusaSlicer, Cura, IdeaMaker and Simplify3D
  • All models have been printed and tested on multiple FDM and resin printers from different brands

Digital delivery includes over 800 files with more than 8GB of content:

  • 3D Printing Instructions
  • HQ Board Layout Details
  • Open Door, Closed Door, Hinged Door, Door Beam
  • Blocked Door with removable barricade, transforming to Open Door
  • Open Double Door, Closed Double Door, Hinged Double Door, Double Door Beam
  • 6 Ground Level Floor Styles in 4 Variations Each
  • 6 Elevated Floor Styles in 4 Variations Each
  • 248 Unique Filament Painted Colored Floor Tiles
  • 4 Floor Elevation Spacers in 2 Variations Each
  • Ground Floor and Elevated Rubble
  • 4 Pillars, 3 Usable for Adding Floor Levels
  • 7 Styles of Secret Doors
  • 67 Styles of Walls, 1 Wall Beam
  • 4 Elevated Stair Spacers in 2 Variations Each
  • 2 Stair Corners, 1 Stair Landing, 4 Stair Steps
  • 19 Tiles Configurations
  • 4 Tile Edge Corners
  • 36 Tile Edge Configurations
  • 1 Trap
  • Tile Clip, Magnet Jig, Magnet Pusher Thumb
  • Clips Box
  • 4 Door Boxes, 4 Floor Boxes and 4 Wall Boxes
  • Vacuum Forming Packaging Molds
  • Full Set of Remix Tools of 56 Files
  • StageTop Integration and Remix Tools

Important: By purchasing these files, you agree that you may only use the content provided for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell the files. You also agree not to sell physical copies.

Permission is given to modify the files for your own personal use but you are not permitted to share those derivatives in any way.

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Over 800 files with more than 8GB of content for FDM and resin printers, including detailed printing instructions.


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Dynamod Games - 3D Printable Dungeon Tiles - Digital

3 ratings
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